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A Message from the Chief

To our Tulalip Bay Fire Community:

Thank you for the hard work many of you have put into keeping your family, neighbors, and first responders safe. Every act, from washing your hands and maintaining 6-feet of distance, to wearing a mask during store visits and limiting those trips, helps save lives.

We are facing unprecedented times that no one from history living today has ever experienced. The Tulalip Bay Fire Department team joins every one of you in wanting to shake hands, embrace, and communicate without a computer or layers of personal protective equipment in between.

But we must remember the goal: Keeping everyone safe and healthy so our people and our economy can successfully recover.

If we let up on these crucial acts, we give the virus more fuel. If we do not solve the biology, the economy will not recover.

Those with symptoms are not the only way this virus is spread. At least 44 percent of all infections – and the majority of transmissions – occur from people without any symptoms. You can be spreading the virus into the environment for up to five (5) days before symptoms begin. This virus doesn’t care about your age, your political leanings, or whether or not you are a good person. It is a threat to all of us, and it takes all of us to fight back.

We need your leadership, and we need your strength to get through this. Please, continue to practice safe behavior. Do it for you, for your family, for your neighbors, and for strangers who share the same hopes for a brighter future.

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Ryan G. Shaughnessy
District Fire Chief
Tulalip Bay Fire Department
SCFD #15

Snohomish County Fire Protection District 15

7812 Waterworks Road
Tulalip, WA 98271

Phone: (360) 659-2416
Fax: (360) 653-7387

Office Hours

8AM - 5PM
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Firefighters are on duty 24/7 and may be out on a emergency call. If no one answers the door please come back later or dial 911 to report an emergency.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Tulalip Bay Fire Department to foster community relations through unwavering service and protection of life and property under the foundation of our core values.