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Dispatch Call Types

  • ALS—Advanced Life Support
  • BLS—Basic Life Support
  • MED—Medic Response
  • MEDX—Medic Upgraded Response
  • AID—Aid response
  • FAR—Fire Alarm Residential
  • FAC—Fire Alarm Commercial
  • FAS—Fire Alarm Sprinkler Water flow
  • FB—Fire Brush/Grass
  • FS—Fire Single Engine Response
  • FSN—Fire Single Non Code
  • FTU—Fire Type Unknown
  • FR—Fire Residential
  • FC—Fire Commercial
  • COA—Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • COAM—Carbon Monoxide Alarm Medic Response
  • GLO—Gas Leak Outside
  • GLI—Gas Leak Inside
  • HZ—(HAZMAT) Hazardous Materials response
  • MCI—Mass Casualty Incident
  • SC—Service Call
  • MAB—Mutual Aid BLS
  • ​MAF—Mutual Aid Fire
  • MAH—Mutual Aid HAZMAT
  • MAR—Mutual Aid Rescue
  • MU—Move UP
  • MVC—Motor Vehicle Collision
  • MVCF—Motor Vehicle Collision Fire
  • MVCN—Motor Vehicle Collision Non Code
  • MVC—MEDIC Motor Vehicle Collision Medic Response
  • MVCE—Motor Vehicle Collision with Entrapment
  • MVCP—Motor Vehicle Collision Pedestrian/Bicycle
  • TRA—Technical Rescue (Hi/Low Angle)
  • TRWR—Technical Rescue Swift/Surface Water
  • TRC—Technical Rescue Confined Space
  • TRT—Technical Rescue Trench
  • TRS—Technical Rescue Structure
  • AIR—Aircraft crash Light Plane
  • AIRC—Aircraft crash Commercial Plane
  • AIRS—Aircraft Standby

Snohomish County Fire Protection District 15

7812 Waterworks Road
Tulalip, WA 98271

Phone: (360) 659-2416
Fax: (360) 653-7387

Office Hours

8AM - 5PM
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Firefighters are on duty 24/7 and may be out on a emergency call. If no one answers the door please come back later or dial 911 to report an emergency.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Tulalip Bay Fire Department to foster community relations through unwavering service and protection of life and property under the foundation of our core values.